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Federal Resources for Supporting Nursing Moms at Work

The HHS Office on Women's Health Online Resource

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women's Health, has launched an online searchable resource to support employers of nursing women at work. The resource, Supporting Nursing Moms at Work: Employer Solutions, can be searched by either "industry" sector or "solution" type, and features solutions for more than 200 businesses in 29 states, representing all major industry sectors. The site also includes videos and hundreds of photos. 

Presentation Platform

An additional resource developed by Every Mother, Inc. and Aspire Communications assists breastfeeding coalitions and educators with advocacy and outreach to employers.

This platform complements the OWH website and is based on the original HRSA Maternal and Child Health Bureau curriculum: Implementing The Business Case for Breastfeeding in Your Community. It includes current information and resources for worksite lactation support, as well as photos and videos from the OWH resource. The new comprehensive curriculum is a highly visual presentation platform with a sophisticated network of hyperlinks. This system provides flexible navigation that enables presenter access to whatever content may be needed in any given teaching situation. We strongly recommend viewing the recorded training webcast to learn more about using the curriculum in your community.

Let's Get Started: Video Tutorials

The platform is a large file that can take 1-3 hours or more to download. Follow the simple steps in the short video tutorials below to be sure you are downloading and using the resources correctly. The tutorials walk you through the process.

Download the Platform

The folder includes:

  • PowerPoint™ presentation platform
  • Speaker Notes
  • Local folder for creating and personalizing your own local content

Other Helpful Materials for Downloading and Using the Platform

Troubleshooting Common Concerns

The curriculum file does not seem to download properly

Q: Are you downloading the platform from work on a government, hospital, or company server?
A: Often server firewalls prevent downloading large files. If that is the case, try downloading it onto your computer at home. Then save it to a memory stick and use that to transfer the file onto your work computer.

Q: Are you allowing enough time for the download?
A: The platform is a large folder that can take anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on the speed of your computer. We suggest closing other operations on your computer while the downloading is underway.

Q: Does your computer have enough internal memory?
A: The file is just under 3.2 gigabytes in size, so be sure you have sufficient memory to accommodate the file.

The platform links do not seem to work properly

Q: Is PowerPoint™ 2007 or higher installed on your computer?
A: Remember that the platform will not work properly with PowerPoint Viewer or an Open Office version of presentation software. Also, PowerPoint™ is not currently fully supported on an iPad™.

Q: Are you using the correct platform type—a PC rather than a Mac computer?
A: The platform is currently designed to work on a standard PC rather than a Mac.

Q: Did you actually unzip or extract the platform folder after downloading, or did you simply open the zipped file?
A: You MUST unzip the folder first or the hyperlinks will not work properly.

Q: Are you using the unzipped version of the file, or did you accidentally open the original zipped version?
A: Once the platform is downloaded and unzipped, we suggest deleting the zipped version or moving it to another place on your computer so you don't accidentally open this one.

Q: Are you in slide show mode?
A: The hyperlinks in the platform ONLY work after you begin the slide show.

Q: Does your IT department have special security or firewalls in place that might prevent the slide show from working properly?
A: If so, check with your IT staff to see whether security access can be given. If all else fails, consider putting the presentation on a separate laptop computer that you will use for your presentations, rather than installing it on your company computer.

Using the Presentation Platform's Videos

To show the presentation platform's videos, simply click on the video thumbnail image housed on the video dashboard. The video will automatically begin playing after a very slight delay. When the video plays through to the end, it will reset to the beginning of the video. At that point you can return to the video dashboard by rolling the wheel of your mouse or by clicking the platform's back button. To pause the video at any time, simply click the video screen. To resume play, click on the video screen again. If you accidentally pause the video with a click, simply click the screen again to restart the video. If the video does not play properly, try using a newer computer if yours is old.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How did this training program come about?
A: Every Mother, Inc. and Aspire Communications teamed up to work with the HHS Office on women's Health and HRSA's Maternal and Child Health Bureau to update and adapt the MCHB 2008 curriculum: Using the Business Case for Breastfeeding in Your Community. Vision Way Media, Inc. in Denver, Colorado produced the employer videos. The curriculum uses many of the key photos that are part of the OWH online resource, Supporting Nursing Moms at Work: Employer Solutions. The highly visual, flexible presentation approach complements a similar strategy used in the USDA Food and Nutrition Service curriculum package: Loving Support© Through Peer Counseling: A Journey Together. That curriculum package, designed for the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) community, has been in use in WIC agencies across the country and highly regarded by trainers and staff.

Q: Will the platform be updated as new information comes to light?
A: Yes. Updates will be provided when new information needs to be included. If you have content suggestions, send them to Cathy Carothers, Every Mother, Inc. at

Q: What if the platform doesn't work properly on my computer?
A: See Troubleshooting Common Concerns for possible reasons and solutions.

Q: Can we include some of our own pictures and videos?
A: The platform includes a folder for you to insert your own LOCAL content. To learn how to integrate your content into the platform via this folder, see the last video tutorial (#7) in the series for how to download and use the curriculum.

Q: Does this platform work on an iPad or other tablets?
A: Currently, no, unless your tablet happens to run Windows™ and you have PowerPoint™ installed on it.

Q: Does this platform work on a Mac computer?
A: At this time the platform works well only on a PC computer running a standard version of Microsoft Office PowerPoint. It also can work on a Mac computer running a Mac version of PowerPoint™. However, the presentation process in that case is much less efficient, resulting in longer delays when opening content.

Q: Where do I get the air mouse you recommend for this kind of presentation?
A: An air mouse can be ordered from several places. Try search sites such as

Q: Can we use photos and videos from the platform in our other materials and training resources?
A: The videos were produced and cleared through HHS Office on Women's Health. They are also available as a download on the OWH YouTube™ channel and are available for public use. Most of the photos were contributed by businesses, coalitions, and health agencies. However, there are some photos (such as a few stock images and others provided for the purpose of the platform) with rights that must be secured from the original owner. To be sure, contact Cathy Carothers at

Q: Will the platform and materials be available in Spanish?
A: Currently the platform, videos, and speaker notes are only available in English.