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Anthem Breast Pump Reimbursement Rate Change

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  • Organizational Sign-On Letter: USBC has delivered a letter to Anthem signed by 33 national and 55 state/local organizations.
  • Individual Petition: MomsRising is hosting a petition urging Anthem to reconsider their reimbursement rate change.
  • Story Tool: USBC is looking for individuals to share their stories about their health plan's breastfeeding coverage. Help demonstrate how this change would affect breastfeeding families!
  • Story Tool: MomsRising is looking for individuals to share their stories about how pumping helped during their breastfeeding journey.


  • Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield has decreased reimbursement rates for breast pumps by 45%, from $169 to $95.
  • Anthem chose to discreetly inform stakeholders of this change by announcing the new reimbursement rate to its durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers. The company did not inform Anthem plan holders directly. This means that most moms were not made aware of the change in coverage until after the effective date on April 1.
  • An independent licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem provides coverage for about 1/3 of individuals and families in the U.S., including 40 million Medicaid enrollees, 40 million Private Insured members, and millions of others on affiliated plans.

State Breastfeeding Coalitions Taking Action

To add your organization's efforts to this compilation of State Breastfeeding Coalitions with current actions related to the reimbursement rate cut, contact

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Voices from the Field

"I thought I knew everything about breastfeeding because I researched a lot before my child was born. Well, that went out the window two hours after he came out. I had patient nurses in the hospital, but if it hadn't been for insurance covering a pump, I wouldn't have been able to afford feeding my baby. I pumped from his second day of life...We made it through lip ties, clogged ducts, going back to work. If it weren't for my insurance covering a pump...I wouldn't have been able to breastfeed, let alone be still going strong a year later."
Kaia, Ohio

"I was a first time mom who thought I was more than prepared to breastfeed without any issues. Unfortunately after birth, it was not the dream that I had hoped it would be. My daughter ended up in the NICU and I was given little instruction on what to do with breastfeeding once my supply was dwindled away to nothing. I had a wonderful case manager with [my insurance company], who actually informed me about the ACA and breastfeeding benefits. She hooked me up with a pump and a lactation consultant (which boy did I need!)...Without them, I would not be breastfeeding both my daughter and my son!"
Autumn, Nevada