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Note: All USBC publications and position statements are made available on this website for free download and distribution. This notice confers the right to download, reproduce, and distribute all USBC publications and position statements found on this page, and any other pages of this website.

USBC Publications

Best Practices Guide for Implementation of Newborn Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding in Electronic Health Records (2014)

Model Policy: Payer Coverage of Breastfeeding Support and Counseling Services, Pumps and Supplies (2014 revised)

Recommended Guidance for Governors, Mayors, and Other Public Officials Considering Partnerships with Private Sector (2014)

Implementing The Joint Commission Core Measure on Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding (2013 revised)

Core Competencies in Breastfeeding Care and Services for All Health Professionals (2010 revised)

Workplace Accommodations to Support and Protect Breastfeeding (2010)

Achieving Exclusive Breastfeeding in the United States: Findings and Recommendations (2008)

Breastfeeding and Oral Health (2007)

USBC Position Statements

Marketing of Human Milk Substitutes (2011)

Infant/Young Child Feeding in Emergencies (2011)

Lactation Accommodations in the Workplace (2011)

Obesity Prevention (2003, rev. 2010)

Safe Use of Donor Human Milk (2008)

Exclusive Breastfeeding (2000, rev. 2015)

Statements of Support (to accompany endorsements)

Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding and International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes