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Members Only Learning Communities

About This Resource

This website houses online learning communities on breastfeeding-related topic areas. Learning Communities are a digital space to share information and resources and surface opportunities for collaborative action among organizations who are engaged in the topic.

Constellations and Learning Communities are a member benefit for USBC Member Organizations. Individuals are assigned to Learning Communities based on organizational responses to the Member Engagement Survey.

Learning Community Topics

How to Use Learning Communities

  • Learning Community participants will be added by USBC Staff based on responses to the Members Engagement Survey. When organizations are engaged at a "core" or "involved" level with a topic the Primary Contact for that organization is contacted to assign member representatives to that Learning Community.
  • To access the Learning Communities, you will need an individual login to the site.
  • Each online workspace includes active discussion forums and file sharing libraries on each of its implementation strategies.
  • All users and members of Learning Communities must follow the Social Media & Online Community Guidelines.
  • If you have questions please email