Marketing Rules & Regulations

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General Rules & Regulations

The following contract conditions, rules, and regulations are part of the U.S. Breastfeeding Committee Conference Marketing Agreement. Please read carefully before indicating your agreement in the registration form exhibit/sponsor section.

Application/Contract and Payment of Fees: Rates are as listed on the Exhibit/Sponsor page of the website. Applications will neither be processed nor space or opportunities assigned or confirmed without the required payments, signatures, and approvals. All applications must be accompanied by payment of the total charges. Receipt of payment does not oblige the USBC to accept a contract as binding; the USBC retains the option of returning funds.

Assignment of Virtual Space/Opportunities: All virtual booth spaces will be assigned and opportunities awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, once payment is received and upon approval by the USBC. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests. The USBC reserves the right to organize the booths in the "virtual exhibit hall" as necessary.

Cancellation: Cancellations must be addressed in writing to, and received at, Refunds, less an administrative fee of $100 or 10% of fees (whichever is greater), will be made at USBC discretion, but no refund will be given for any cancellation made after May 28, 2021. In case of any civil disobedience, natural disaster or other "Act of God" causes beyond the USBC’s control that prevent the holding of the conference on the scheduled dates, the event will be re-scheduled.

Selection of Exhibitors/Sponsors: The USBC does not accept sponsorships, advertisements, exhibits, or donations from entities in violation of The International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes (the “Code”) and subsequent World Health Assembly resolutions. All publications and materials distributed must be in compliance with the Code. The USBC reserves the right to refuse sponsorships, advertisements, or exhibits from certain entities, or to decline or prohibit any exhibit or promotional item, this reservation being all-inclusive as to persons, things, printed matter, electronic matter, products, and conduct.

Advance Approval Required for All Materials: Sponsors and exhibitors must submit to the USBC an electronic sample of each item and/or recorded item to be displayed or distributed. All items must be submitted for approval by May 28, 2021.

Acceptance of exhibit/sponsorship does not constitute endorsement of the products, services, or mission of the exhibitor/sponsor by the USBC, its member organizations, or any breastfeeding coalitions. Exhibitors and sponsors may not use the USBC name or logo without express written permission.

Virtual Exhibit Booth Rules & Regulations

The following contract conditions, rules, and regulations are part of the United States Breastfeeding Committee Conference Marketing Application and Contract, specifically pertaining to Exhibit Booth Space. Please read carefully before signing the application.

  1. Exhibit(s): All exhibitors will be invited to set up their own virtual booth space within the Whova platform. Guidance and support will be offered.
  2. Use of Space: Exhibitors shall not assign, share, or sublet any virtual booth space without written consent of the USBC.
  3. Failure to Occupy Space: Exhibitors, as specified in these rules and regulations, will forfeit space not occupied by the Monday, June 7. There will be no refund for space not "occupied."
  4. Participation in Sessions: Exhibitors and Sponsors are granted all-access registration to the event. Please refrain from marketing your brand, goods, products, or services during educational or networking time.
  5. Show Cancellation: If the conference or exhibit is cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the USBC, the USBC will not be held liable for any expenses incurred by exhibitors beyond the rental cost of the exhibit space. The USBC will reschedule the conference if an "Act of God" prevents it being hosted on the June 9-11, 2021 dates.
  6. Music Licensing: Exhibitors are responsible for individual ASCAP/BMI licensing fees, if applicable to their exhibit presentation.
  7. Sales/Giveaways: Giveaway items from exhibits are permitted. The USBC must approve all items no later than Friday, May 28, 2021. Unapproved items may not be distributed. Any exhibitor found distributing items not officially approved by the USBC will be required to stop distribution immediately.
  8. Please note: All virtual exhibit booth setup must be complete by Monday, June 7, 2021.