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Donations Policy

The USBC actively solicits and accepts monetary donations from individuals and organizations/corporations that wish to further its mission.

I. Donations Policy

Receipt of appropriate donations is essential to the USBC’s capacity to fulfill its mission. However, there is a potential that the acceptance of certain donations could compromise the ability of the organization to accomplish its goals or jeopardize its tax-exempt status. Hence, the following policy applies, and will be prominently displayed on all donation forms:

  • The USBC does not accept donations or other resources from entities in violation of The International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes and/or subsequent World Health Assembly resolutions. The USBC will use reports of IBFAN-ICDC to guide these decisions.
  • The USBC strives to be a socially responsible organization. To this end, the USBC may choose not to accept contributions from certain organizations, and retains the right to refuse any donation.
  • Donations do not entitle the donor to participate in determining USBC policy, procedures, or positions on issues addressed by the USBC on the basis of that support.
  • Acceptance of support does not constitute endorsement of the products, services, or mission of the donor by the USBC or its member organizations.
  • Donor organizations may not use the USBC name or logo without express written permission of the USBC.

II. Unrestricted and Restricted Donations

Donations will only be accepted where there is charitable intent on the part of the donor. The USBC is unable to accept donations that are overly restrictive in purpose. The most desirable donations are those with the least restrictions, as unrestricted funds allow the organization to address its most pressing needs. Unless the Board of Directors (BoD) grants a specific exception, the USBC will not accept any donations of a restricted nature.

Additionally, the USBC will not accept any donations that:

  • Contain a condition that requires any action on the part of the organization that is contrary to its mission or goals or otherwise unacceptable to the BoD
  • Contain a condition that the proceeds will be spent by the organization for the personal benefit of a named individual or individuals
  • Require the organization to employ a specified person now or at a future date
  • Inhibit the organization from seeking gifts from other donors
  • Expose the organization to adverse publicity, litigation, or other liabilities
  • Require undue expenditures, or involve the organization in unexpected responsibilities because of their source, conditions, or purpose
  • Involve unlawful discrimination based upon race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, color, disability, or any other basis prohibited by federal, state, and local laws

III. Recognition and Confidentiality

Donors may be recognized with a listing of their names on the USBC website or in other materials (e.g., conference program books), unless the donor expressly requests anonymity. All requests by donors for anonymity will be honored, except to the extent that the USBC is required by law to disclose the identity of donors.

IV. Donor Rights

Donors and prospective donors can contact the USBC Office to discuss the USBC mission, goals, activities, intended use of donated funds, and any questions concerning this donation policy. Additionally, the USBC makes its governing documents, conflict of interest policy, audited financial statements, and Form 990 filings available to the public upon request and/or via posting on the USBC website.

V. Acceptance Procedure

Donations from individuals and from USBC member organizations will be accepted immediately upon receipt, unless otherwise specified by the BoD.

Donations from non-member organizations and corporations will be handled as follows:

Solicited Donations

  1. When a donation solicitation is planned, the Executive Director will pre-screen and approve the list of prospective donors, requesting additional information as needed to evaluate their compliance with this policy.
  2. When a donation is received from a pre-approved donor, no additional review is needed. The donation will be accepted and acknowledged by the Executive Director.

Unsolicited Donations

  1. When an unsolicited donation is received from a non-member organization or corporation that has not been pre-approved, the Executive Director will screen the prospective donor, requesting additional information as needed to evaluate their compliance with this policy.
  2. If compliance is clear, the donation will be accepted and acknowledged by the Executive Director.
  3. If after screening the Executive Director believes the prospective donor does not comply with this policy, or if there is doubt or concern about the prospective donor’s compliance, the Executive Director will request that the BoD review the donor.
  4. The BoD, after considering the advice of the Executive Director and the available evidence, will make the final determination of acceptance or refusal of the donation by a majority vote of the full BoD at the next BoD meeting.
  5. The check will be held and not deposited until review is complete, at which time the donation will be accepted and acknowledged by the Executive Director or refused and returned to the donor.

VI. Acknowledgment Procedure

The USBC will acknowledge receipt of monetary donations in accordance with the federal tax law and will sign any IRS form or other documents necessary for the donor to obtain a tax deduction.