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Regions & Regional Representatives

The Coalitions Regional Representatives (CRRs) and Alternate Regional Representatives (ARRs) provide a more formal communication link between the coalitions and the United States Breastfeeding Committee. To learn more:

CRR/ARR Roster

Mid-Atlantic Region
Term 2015-2018
 CRR  Kate Majestic  Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition
 ARR  Rose Shelley Cohen  Maryland Breastfeeding Coalition
Midwest Region
Term 2015-2018
 CRR  Shannon McKenney Shubert  Michigan Breastfeeding Network
 ARR  Helen Dimas  Illinois State Breastfeeding Task Force
Mountain Plains Region
Term 2015-2018
 CRR  Brenda Bandy  Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition
 ARR  BriAnna Wanner  North Dakota Breastfeeding Coalition
Northeast Region
Term 2014-2017
 CRR  Lorraine Boyd  New York State Breastfeeding Coalition
 ARR  Christine Bracken  Connecticut Breastfeeding Coalition
Southeast Region
Term 2014-2017
 CRR  Heidi Agostinho  Florida Breastfeeding Coalition
 ARR  Kimberly Scott  Alabama Breastfeeding Committee
Southwest Region
Term 2013-2016
 CRR  Linda Jackson  Texas Breastfeeding Coalition
 ARR  Cindy Chavez  New Mexico Breastfeeding Task Force
Tribal Region
Term 2013-2016
 Co-CRR  Rani Patel  Inter Tribal Council of Arizona
 Co-ARR  Alicia Shields  Navajo Nation Breastfeeding Coalition
West Pacific Region
Term 2013-2016
 CRR  Marion Rice  Breastfeeding Coalition of Oregon
 ARR  Karen Peters  California Breastfeeding Coalition

Regional List Servs

How to Join

To join your region's State/Territory/Tribal Breastfeeding Coalitions Google Group (discussion list serv), click on the name of your region below. Note: You must have a Google account to join. Having a “Google Account” is not the same as having a Gmail address. You can create a Google account with your non-Gmail address. Or if you do use a Gmail address, you can join using that account.

Access the Archives

Already a member of your regional list serv? To access your group on the Web (to view the archives), click on the name of your region in the list above.

Post a Message

To send a message to your list serv, use the appropriate e-mail address from the list below (only list serv members can post messages):