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From 2006-2020, the CDC Division of Nutrition and Physical Activity and the USBC co-hosted this series to bring together breastfeeding coalitions to share best practices and news and to network and collaborate on issues of national significance.

2017-06-13 MomsRising: #IPumpedHere. Laugh. Cry. Then Demand Change
Topic: CDC-USBC Bi-Monthly Coalitions Webinar Archive
Owner: Denae Schmidt
Date: 2017-06-13
Subtopic: 064

MomsRising: #IPumpedHere. Laugh. Cry. Then Demand Change

Presented by: 
Ruth Martin, National Director: Workplace Justice Campaigns, MomsRising
Sili Recio, Social Media Director, MomsRising

Let's bring breastfeeding women out the bathroom stalls and into the pumping rooms they deserve! #IPumpedHere sheds light on the challenges breastfeeding moms face while pumping. The campaign features two:30 spots and dedicated social media channels encouraging women to share their pumping horror stories with the campaignhashtag. The videos and social media feeds will drive viewers to to learn about pumping rights, share information and resources with employers and advocates, and sign a petition for lawmakers. Join MomsRising on 2-2-2 for to learn more about #IPumpedHere and to take a stand to ensure that pumping moms everywhere have adequate spaces to pump.


Video Recording

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