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Welcome Congress Week 

February 18-22, 2019

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Members-elect of the 116th Congress

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While four out of five moms initiate breastfeeding, two out of three report that they are unable to reach their personal breastfeeding goals. Social, physical, and economic environments have a significant impact on the breastfeeding experience, so policymakers play an important role in creating a landscape of breastfeeding support.

That's why Monday, February 18, through Friday, February 22, the USBC will be working with individuals and organizations across the nation to welcome our Senators and Representatives, educate them about their role in supporting breastfeeding, and highlight the specific policy priorities that we want them to support.


Help us bring the voices of breastfeeding families to the halls of Congress! Join us for a week of online and in-district action to welcome the 116th Congress.

Welcome Congress Week Activities Will Focus on Five Policy Priorities:

  1. Increasing access to paid family leave
  2. Maintaining health plan coverage of breastfeeding support & supplies
  3. Supporting working parents
  4. Maintaining federal funding for breastfeeding support programs
  5. Increasing access to lactation support providers

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Welcome Congress Week Action Opportunities:

Messaging Monday: Tweet or email your Members of Congress! 

→ Tap your Friends Tuesday: Invite friends and family to take action! 

→ Welcome Wednesday: Mail or deliver a welcome packet to your Members of Congress!

  • Look up your legislators' addresses here (this link also has packet materials to download, or you can print them below)
  • We call it "Welcome Wednesday," but you can take action any time!

→ Thank You Thursday: Tweet or email a note of thanks to your Members of Congress using our easy "Thank You" tool!

→ Friends and Family Friday: Invite friends and family to sign up for breastfeeding advocacy action alerts at

Welcome Kit Materials

Download the materials below to print or email and send to your Senators and Representative. 

  • Welcome Kit (20 pages)
    • Includes the Welcome Note, fact sheets, and sign-on letters, merged as one large file.
    • Please note that to include state-specific information, you will need to separately print your state's breastfeeding report, below. 

  • State Breastfeeding Reports
    • Also available for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico
    • You'll select just your relevant report via this link.

Materials may also be downloaded individually if you prefer not to download the full kit: