Saturday, August 6

Breakout Sessions A, 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM

A-1: Panel: Partnering to Create Breastfeeding-Friendly Communities

Moderator: BriAnna Wanner, Salon C

A-2: Panel: Success for All Families: Emphasizing Racial Equity in Breastfeeding Support

Moderator: Emily Taylor, Salon DE

A-3: Panel: Policy Pathways to Strengthen the Landscape of Breastfeeding Support

Moderator: Megan Renner, Salon FG

A-4: Panel: Stronger Together: The Power in Community  

Moderator: Felisha Floyd, Salon H

A-5: Panel:  Expanding the Network of Lactation Support Providers

Moderator: Amelia Psmythe, Salon ABJK

Breakout Sessions B, 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM

B-1: Panel: Nothing For Us, Without Us

Moderator: Ifeyinwa Asiodu, Salon ABJK

B-2: Panel:  Innovations in Maternity Care Practices

Moderator: Heidi Agostinho, Salon C

B-3: Panel: New Frontiers in Human Milk Banking & Efforts to End Unethical Infant Formula Marketing

Moderator: Elizabeth Brooks, Salon DE

B-4: Panel: Building Webs: Coalitions As Networked Entities

Moderator: Catherine Sullivan, Salon FG

B-5: Panel: Breastfeeding Public Health Partners: Community Connections

Moderator: Mona Liza Hamlin, Salon H

Breakout Sessions C, 4:00 PM - 5:15 PM

C-1: Panel:  Allied Health Professionals: Integrating Breastfeeding into Practice

Moderator: Allison Walsh, Salon C

C-2: Panel: Increasing Access to High Quality Breastfeeding Support

Moderator: Linda Smith, Salon DE

C-3: Panel: Advancing Support & Security for Breastfeeding Employees

Moderator: Cheryl Lebedevitch, Salon FG

C-4: Panel: Transforming Engagement to Create Equity & Inclusion

Moderator: Muswamba Mwamba, Salon ABJK

C-5: Panel: What’s New at Baby-Friendly USA

Moderator: Pauline Sakamoto, Salon H

Sunday, August 7

Breakout Sessions D, 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM

D-1: Panel: Breastfeeding Among Latinx Communities

Moderator: Kim Moore-Salas, Salon C

D-2: Panel: Beyond Hospital Doors: Collaborating to Support Breastfeeding Moms

Moderator: Suzanne Haydu, Salon DE

D-3: Panel: Integrating Breastfeeding & Safe Sleep

Moderator: Beverly Curtis, Salon FG

D-4: Panel: It Takes a Village!

Moderator: Helen Dimas, Salon H

D-5: Panel: Breastfeeding Public Health Partners: State Connections

Moderator: Carol MacGowan, Salon ABJK

Breakout Sessions E, 11:45 AM - 1:00 PM

E-1: Panel:  Communities Coming Together to Support Breastfeeding Families

Moderator: Rose Cohen, Salon C

E-2: Panel:  Coalitions As Vehicles of Change

Moderator: Kinkini Banerjee, Salon DE

E-3: Panel: Policy Change Strategies for a Brighter Tomorrow

Moderator: Brenda Bandy, Salon FG

E-4: Panel: The Power of Storytelling

Moderator: Brenda Reyes, Salon H