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Welcome 115th Congress Documents
Topic: Legislation & Policy
Owner: Cheryl Lebedevitch
Date: 2016-12-20

IMPORTANT NOTE: If sending an electronic copy of the packet to a Congressional Office, please give them THIS link (it has all the files merged into one easy PDF, and it doesn't have the internal talking points and briefing materials, etc.):

You'll just have to also download the file to send their mPINC state report from here:


12/20/16 Webinar Recording, "Breastfeeding Outlook Briefing: Mobilizing for the New Congress & Administration":

Downloads from CDC:

Download File   2016-12-20 BF Outlook Briefing.pdf
Download File   2017-01-08-WC-2017-Delivery-Briefing.pdf
Download File   Welcome Congress 2017 Cover Letter.pdf
Download File   WC 2017 STORY BOOKLET.pdf
Download File   WC-2017-General-Fact-Sheet.pdf
Download File   WC-2017-MCP-Fact-Sheet.pdf
Download File   WC-2017-Prev-Svcs-Fact-Sheet.pdf
Download File   WC-2017-Workplace-Fact-Sheet.pdf
Download File   WC-State-Fact-Sheets - MERGED.pdf
Download File   Welcome Congress 2017 Talking Points - INTERNAL USE ONLY.pdf
Download File   BFHI Talking Points - INTERNAL USE ONLY.pdf
Download File   Welcome-Congress-2017-Merged-Full-Packet.pdf
Download File   USBC_BFHI Q and A.pdf
Download File   WC In-District Delivery Instructions - 2017.pdf
Download File   Fairness-BF-Mothers-Fact-Sheet.pdf
Download File   SWMA-Fact-Sheet.pdf