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Collective Impact

In August 2014, the USBC launched a new Strategic Framework, designed to facilitate deeper, more effective, and more inclusive collaboration across the breastfeeding field. As the national breastfeeding coalition, the USBC was built as an organization of organizations: a forum to coordinate opportunities for collaboration and change. Our new Strategic Framework puts into practice the principles of collaboration and specifically, Collective Impact.

As a "backbone organization" for breastfeeding protection, promotion, and support, the USBC is now the convener for collaboration. This means providing the infrastructure supports for stakeholders to lead collaborative work where there is a particular niche, interest, and funded capacity. At the USBC, we believe effective collaborations include individuals with lived experience, community-based organizations providing direct services, state-level coalitions advocating for change, and national entities leading and supporting trends and strategic opportunities, with diversity of those being served and of those serving, at every level.

Collective Impact Webinars

The United States Breastfeeding Committee has launched this series of bi-monthly webinars as part of its efforts to "engage stakeholders in a Collective Impact model (USBC Strategic Framework Goal 3). With funding support from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, this series will focus on building the capacity of the breastfeeding field to apply collective impact principles and tools to collaborative efforts for policy and practice change. Webinars are held every two months (in even numbered months) on the fourth Tuesday of the month from 2:00-3:30 p.m. ET. 

Access Info

Access to these webinars is open to all interested breastfeeding coalition members, as well as others involved in convening or stewarding collective impact initiatives in the breastfeeding field. Topic/speaker details are posted 1-2 weeks before each session on this page and in the Collective Impact Learning Community. The recordings and presentation materials from all past sessions are archived below.

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NOTE: To streamline access, these webinars are set up in GotoWebinar as a series. You only need to register for the series once, and you will then receive auto-reminders of each session with the topic/speaker details. Even though you may not be able to attend every webinar session live, the series registration will still send you auto-reminders so that you have easy updates on the topic and links to the live webinar and archives.

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This webinar series is on temporary hiatus due to funding considerations—please register for the series at the link below to receive updates of the next scheduled session date.

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Previous Webinars

Note: Due to conflicts with other events, there were no webinar sessions in August-December 2016.

Collaborative Governance & Adaptive Leadership

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 • 2:00-3:30 p.m. ET

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Presented by:
Sylvia Cheuy, Director, Deepening Community, Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement

One of the challenges of collective impact is agreement on governance and decision-making. This session will provide participants with an understanding of the unique governance challenges that multi-sector collaborative change efforts face including strategies to build trust, navigate the process-product tension and deal with multiple levels of accountability. Learn about the eco-cycle of collaboration, and the approaches that help navigate the dynamic tensions embedded in each of the phases of Collective Impact, and overcome traps that get in the way of collaborations moving forward. Hear how adaptive leadership skills help mobilizing people to tackle tough challenges and thrive.

Community Engagement: Setting the Stage for Dialogue

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 • 2:00-3:30 p.m. ET

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Presented by:
Rachel Gainer, Director of Engagement, Tamarack Institute

Community engagement is an ongoing and iterative process, particularly in Collective Impact initiatives. Now that you have started to identify who needs to be at your table with the Top 100 Partners exercise covered in the last session, this session will discuss how to bring everyone together. Join us to explore approaches and methodologies for convening an in-person meeting:

  • Inviting stakeholders to the table
  • Framing a mutually beneficial call to action
  • Setting the stage for building relationships in person
  • Hosting a collective conversation

Setting the stage for conversation is an opportunity to serve your objectives, strengthen your relationships with key stakeholders, and ensure ongoing support for a more sustainable initiative.

Top 100 Partners Exercise: Systematic & Strategic Engagement for Collective Impact

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

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Presented by:

Amelia Psmythe, Deputy Director, United States Breastfeeding Committee
Tina Carderelli, Director of Breastfeeding, Indiana Perinatal Network

Join us for this second webinar in the series for an overview of the philosophy, components, and implementation of Paul Born's Top 100 Partners exercise. Using Indiana's breastfeeding coalition as a model, webinar participants will learn how to apply the exercise to inform a state-level outreach strategy, with an associated tracking tool to maintain an ongoing record of related activity. This approach is expected to support strategic thinking, streamlined outreach efforts, increased engagement of new and non-traditional stakeholders, and increased diversity of your coalition.

Thinking & Acting Differently: The Collective Impact Opportunity

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

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Presented by:
Sylvia Cheuy, Director, Deepening Community, Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement
Amelia Psmythe, Deputy Director, United States Breastfeeding Committee

Collaboration – with funders, allies and community partners – is a significant part of how our work is getting done. Collective Impact is a unique form of collaboration that is demonstrating powerful results on complex community issues like educational achievement, reducing infant mortality, and environmental regeneration. 

On this first webinar in the series, attendees will learn from Sylvia Cheuy of Tamarack about the five conditions and three pre-conditions of Collective Impact and hear stories of it in action. The session will explore opportunities to use Collective Impact as a framework to advance lasting systems change that is beyond the scope of any one sector alone.

Amelia Psmythe of the USBC will also speak about how to approach Collective Impact principles to guide cross-sector policy change, at a pace and scale that works for your coalition. It’s not necessary to go "all in" on Collective Impact, change your entire organization, or hire an expert consultant. Even minor shifts in perspective and application of the right tools at the right time can make a big difference for your collaborative work.

Webinar Archives

To search the archives by keyword, speaker name, and more, visit the file library in the Collective Impact Learning Community, OR view the public archives (coming soon) to download slides and handouts and access recording links in chronological order.