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2017-09-20 Networks for Social Transformation
Topic: Coalitions Power Tools Webinars
Owner: Denae Schmidt, MPH
Date: 2017-09-20

Networks for Social Transformation

Presented by:
Miriam Persley, Operations Manager, The Leadership Learning Community

Large societal problems can feel too large to tackle, but networks can give us the answers we need to tackle them. Join Miriam Persley from the Leadership Learning Community to expand your network mindset and practice new tools to radically transform your collaborations. Learn from LLC’s 17 years in the leadership development field and from other successful network practices that have tackled real problems with networked solutions.

During our 90-minute session, we will:

  • Review what networks are and what they look like in practice
  • Learn from concrete examples of networks transforming communities
  • Engage with network tools

Video Recording

Download File   2017-09-20-Webinar-Slides.pdf