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2017-05-17: Coalitions: Taking to Twitter with Confidence
Topic: Coalitions Power Tools Webinars
Owner: Denae Schmidt, MPH
Date: 2017-05-17

Coalitions: Taking to Twitter with Confidence

Presented by:
Lynette Anigbo, PR & Communications Coordinator
United States Breastfeeding Committee

The May "Power Tools" webinar will focus on getting increasing your familiarity with Twitter and how it can be used to support your coalition’s mission. This session will include a live, interactive tutorial for breastfeeding advocates that begins with orienting users with analytics, managing content, and using additional tweet resources. This webinar will expand on "Coalitions: Taking Twitter by Storm" which was presented by USBC in March of 2016. Participants are encouraged to bring a second device (smart phone, tablet, or laptop) in order to practice in real time and more easily join the real-time conversation on Twitter at #coalitionstweet. 

Video Recording

Download File   2017-05-17-Webinar-Slides.pdf