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2017-03-22: Ask the USBC Team: Your Burning Questions on Coalition Operational Effectiveness
Topic: Coalitions Power Tools Webinars
Owner: Denae Schmidt, MPH
Date: 2017-03-22

"Ask the USBC Team": Your Burning Questions on Coalition Operational Effectiveness

 Presented by:

Megan Renner, Executive Director, USBC
& The USBC Team

What questions do you have about management and operations best practices for building a stronger, more effective breastfeeding coalition? If you are looking for tips, tools, and strategies to improve the operational effectiveness of your coalition, this session is tailor-made for you. Want to know how to build a robust online network to increase your impact? Explore different fiscal structures to sustain your coalition? Implement effective communications and fundraising plans? Manage project tasks between staff and/or volunteers spread across your state? The USBC staff team will answer your questions on topics ranging from member/supporter/donor recruitment and retention, to social media and online communications tools, to hosting virtual meetings and workspaces, and everything in between.

Download File   2017-03-PT-Slides.pdf
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