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2016-09-21: Top 10 Legal Checklist for Nonprofits
Topic: Coalitions Power Tools Webinars
Owner: USBC Coalitions Staff
Date: 2016-09-16
Subtopic: 013

Top 10 Legal Checklist for Nonprofits

Nonprofits succeed with great ideas and the right resources, among other things. But legal expertise is a key component to helping your organization succeed and get to the next level. That being said, all too often, the pressing demands of running a nonprofit can leave important legal details unaddressed. Learn about the core components of using legal counsel to protect and grow your assets, deliver on your mission, and partner with leadership on new ventures. A top-ten checklist will help you take inventory of your organization’s immediate and long-term legal needs, identify legal hot spots, and understand how getting your legal house in order can strengthen your ability to tackle the next big opportunity or problem. You also will learn how legal counsel can actually solve problems by preventing them, help you build the right context for your strategic plans, and assist your nonprofit's leadership in reaching its goals and better furthering the organization's mission.


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Download File   2016-09-21-PT-Top-10-Legal-Checklist-For-Non-Profits.pdf