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2015-07-15: Board Basics: Best Practices for Governance & Nominating
Topic: Coalitions Power Tools Webinars
Owner: USBC Coalitions Staff
Date: 2015-07-15
Subtopic: 008

Board Basics: Best Practices for Governance & Nominating

Presented by:

Brenda Bandy, USBC Governance Committee Chair
Robin Stanton, USBC Nominating Committee Chair
Megan Renner, USBC Executive Director 

On this webinar, hear the latest from USBC leaders about the newly refocused Governance and Nominating Committees, including how a Board self-assessment process informs Governance Committee priorities, and how new Board Profile tools inform the nominations process. This webinar will also provide an introduction to the resources coalitions can now access through the USBC's BoardSource membership.

Board Assessment Resources:


Video Recording

Download File   2015-07-PT-USBC-Gov-Nomg.pdf
Download File   p08v04-Governance.doc
Download File   p24v03-Nominating.docx
Download File   USBC Orientation-Module 1.pdf
Download File   USBC Orientation-Module 2.pdf
Download File   USBC Orientation-Module 3.pdf
Download File   Board Profile Instructions - USBC.pdf
Download File   Individual Board Member Profile - USBC Template.doc
Download File   Board Profile Summary - USBC Template.xls