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2017-08-08 Coalitions Bi Monthly Webinars
Topic: CDC-USBC Bi-monthly Coalitions Webinars
Owner: USBC Coalitions Staff
Date: 2017-08-08
Subtopic: 065

Empowering Local Leadership and Coordinating Breastfeeding Messages by Catalyzing 'Quick Wins'

Presented by: 
Shannon McKenney Shubert, Project Director, Michigan Breastfeeding Network

Michigan mothers and breastfeeding service providers have declared loudly and clearly that “inconsistent information” is a barrier to achieving optimal breastfeeding outcomes. The Michigan Breastfeeding Network is on a quest to meet this challenge, head on. We are empowering and expanding our local coalition network through the 5 conditions of Collective Impact – putting specific emphasis on empowering local leadership with “quick wins.” Our focus is on providing coordinated and easy-to-implement tools, fostering a culture of idea sharing, and helping local leaders to stop reinventing the wheel. Join us as we share about our successes, lessons learned, and opportunities for the future.


Download File   2017-08-08 Webinar Slides.pdf