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2012-12-11 Coalitions Bi-monthly Teleconference
Topic: CDC-USBC Bi-monthly Coalitions Webinars
Owner: USBC Coalitions Staff
Date: 2015-03-22
Subtopic: 038

Solutions for Supporting Breastfeeding Moms in Challenging Worksites

Cathy Carothers 
Every Mother, Inc.


Ursuline Singleton,
HHS Office on Women’s Health

Despite the enormous progress in improving worksite support for breastfeeding women, challenges remain for women employed in non-office environments. A new initiative from the HHS Office on Women’s Health addresses this need, with new resources and strategies for breastfeeding educators and advocates. Ten State Breastfeeding Coalitions were selected to assist in identifying businesses of all industry types who have found creative solutions for supporting employees. This webinar will address the results of their inquiry, information about new resources, and action steps for providing support for employers and mothers. 

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There were no PowerPoint slides for this webinar due to HHS clearance procedures; participants viewed a demonstration on the webinar screen.