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Best Practices Guide for Implementation of Newborn Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding in Electronic Health Records


The practice of exclusive breast milk feeding as an intervention capable of protecting both a mother and her newborn from chronic and life-threatening conditions is now recognized as a global low-cost preventative health measure. Recent policies and regulations in the United States (U.S.) are the catalyst for creating more efficient and complete data collection and analysis methods. This guide provides an overview of the factors, programs, and regulations supporting exclusive breast milk feeding data documentation, measurement, and reporting in Electronic Health Records (EHR) during the birth of a newborn. The collaboration and dedication of clinicians, health information technology (HIT) experts, and government, public, and private partners contributed to the recommendations in this document. The consistent theme present throughout this discussion is a genuine shared vision of improving the overarching health care of two generations – that of a mother and her newborn with the measures, programs, and initiatives described.

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