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From 2014 to May 2020, the USBC hosted this series of bi-monthly webinars as part of its training, technical assistance, and capacity building support for its network of breastfeeding coalition, national organizations, and community-based organizations throughout the United States. Explore the archive of free presentations below.

2019-11-20 Building Relationships: A Key to Supporting Indigenous Breastfeeding Communities
Topic: Power Tools Webinar Archive
Owner: Miriam J Rodriguez
Date: 2019-11-20

Building Relationships: a Key to the Rise of our Indigenous Breastfeeding Communities

Presented by:

Amber Kapuamakamaeokalani Wong Granite, Breastfeeding Hawai'i Coalition 

O ke kahua ma mua ma hope ke kūkulu: First the foundation, then the structure can be built.
This Hawaiian proverb teaches us the importance of building relationships in order to ensure the rise of our people.

Whether we seek to influence fellow learners, patients, or customers, we must get to know them before we can ask them to make change. Once we seek and understand where they come from, what is truly important to them, and then help them unpack their stories, the real work can truly begin. During this session, we will hear an oli, Nā ʻAumakua. This oli acknowledges our ancestors, our land, and our nation. It invites strength, knowledge, and power into our space. We will then learn more about native Hawaiian practices, challenges, and successes of the recent Indigenous Breastfeeding Counselor training held in Waimānalo, Hawaii in October.

Video Recording 

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