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"Landscape of Breastfeeding Support" Image Gallery

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New! The USBC developed a series of icons demonstrating breastfeeding support that are available for use by the field. 


Community Support in Action

Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition (with the Indiana Breastfeeding Alliance and the Indiana Perinatal Network)

The Naomi and Ruth (NAR) Project

The Naomi and Ruth Project was initiated in an African American church setting after several young women began breastfeeding their babies in church. A survey discovered that many of the church’s elder women had breastfed themselves and were happy and willing to offer advice and support to breastfeeding moms. This discovery sparked a new mentoring relationship in the community. The Indiana Black Breastfeeding Coalition plans to document these relationships and the positive impact they have on mothers and their decision to breastfeed.

Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition

Making a Difference: A Decade of Dedication to Breastfeeding Support in One Nebraska Community

The Nebraska Breastfeeding Coalition is proud to celebrate MilkWorks, an organization committed to providing breastfeeding education and support, regardless of a mother’s ability to pay for services. MilkWorks offers clinical care for breastfeeding mothers and serves as a resource for health care providers in an easily accessible building designed to facilitate interaction between staff, clients, and their families. The photographic documentation of this successful community breastfeeding center illustrates the hard work and dedication of the MilkWorks founders and staff.

Employment Support in Action

Florida Breastfeeding Coalition

Get Pumped!

As part of The Business Case for Breastfeeding, the Florida Breastfeeding Coalition (FBC) developed the Breastfeeding Friendly Employer Award. Businesses, hospitals, and schools that provide pumping areas, support, and education services to employees can apply and are awarded gold, silver, and bronze levels. FBC will document these businesses, the services they provide, and the mothers and babies who benefit from them, in an effort to motivate other employers to “Get Pumped!”

Inter Tribal Council of Arizona

Employers for a Healthy New Generation

The Inter Tribal Council of Arizona (ITCA) will showcase successful workplace lactation support by documenting four women – each representing a different tribal organization – utilizing support services and the benefits these policies provide for the employer. The project will feature mothers bringing their babies to work and taking breaks to pump milk or breastfeed directly at a child care facility, as well as a tribal council meeting. By creating images of Native Americans breastfeeding their babies, the ITCA hopes to reach out to this underrepresented population and encourage implementation of workplace breastfeeding support in other tribes and organizations.

Health Care Support in Action

California Breastfeeding Coalition

The California Breastfeeding Story: Becoming Baby Friendly

The California Breastfeeding Coalition (CBC) encourages hospitals to create supportive environments for mothers to exclusively breastfeed their infants through the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) and the California Model Hospital Policies. By documenting the BFHI journey through its many phases – Including discovery, development, dissemination, and designation – and highlighting the BFHI Ten Steps, the coalition hopes to capture behind-the-scenes interactions and compelling moments that express the importance of institutional change in breastfeeding practices.

Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition

Louisiana Nurse Family Partnership: Reaching the Unlikely Breastfeeders

The Nurse Family Partnership (NFP) Home Visitor program in Louisiana offers a supportive relationship and trustworthy role model to low-income, first-time moms. The voluntary program matches some of Louisiana’s most unlikely breastfeeders with an RN who meets with the new mother weekly or bi-weekly throughout pregnancy and during the child’s first two years. This relationship provides the specialized support many of these mothers need in order to make confident and informed decisions on behalf of their babies, including infant feeding practices. By photographing the positive outcomes of the NFP program, the Louisiana Breastfeeding Coalition hopes to ensure the value of positive professional-client relationships to help mothers reach their breastfeeding goals.

Research Support in Action

North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition

Learning More about Nature's Miracle: Researching Human Milk in North Carolina

The North Carolina State University (NCSU) laboratory is busy performing rigorous human milk research in order to create more accurate guidelines for human milk storage and the safety of human milk donations. The evidence-based discoveries made may lead to less wasted breast milk in NICU, day care, and home environments as scientists realize that the milk possesses a longer shelf life than previous guidelines suggest. By documenting the step-by-step process by which human milk donations are gathered, processed, tested, and distributed, the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition hopes to create further confirmation of the hard science behind the benefits of human milk.