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Wisconsin: Tweet Your Candidates!

Click on the "Tweet now" link below for your candidates for Congress to send them a customized tweet. 

Note: If you don't already have a Twitter account, you will be prompted to Sign Up when you click to "Tweet Now."

By Congressional District

District Candidate A Twitter Candidate B Twitter Tweet
District 1 Rep. Paul Ryan (R) @PRyan Rob Zerban (D) @RobZerban Tweet now!
District 2 Rep. Mark Pocan (D) @MarkPocan Peter Theron (R) @PeterTheron Tweet now!
District 3 Rep. Ron Kind (D) @KindforCongress Tony Kurtz (R) @KurtzCongress Tweet now!
District 4 Rep. Gwen Moore (D) @Gwen4Congress Dan Sebring (R) @DanSebring Tweet now!
District 5 Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R) @JimPressOffice Chris Rockwood (D) @Rockwood4WI Tweet now!
District 6 Glenn Grothman (R) @Grothman4WI Mark Harris (D) @Harris4WI Tweet now!
District 7 Rep. Sean P. Duffy (R) @Duffy4Congress Kelly Westlund (D) @Westlund4WI Tweet now!
District 8 Rep. Reid Ribble (R) @ReidRibble Ron Gruett (D)   Tweet now!


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