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Presentation Guidelines

Call for Proposals questions? E-mail USBC Coalitions Staff

The Call for Proposals deadline was extended to February 20, and is now closed. Learn more about the NBCC below.

The NBCC will highlight examples of strategic breakthroughs that are helping turn the tide and eliminate breastfeeding inequities in your communities, especially programmatic efforts and coalition building. Breastfeeding coalitions, individuals, and other organizations are invited to submit presentation proposals for breakout panels, table topics, and poster presentations in the following learning arcs:

  1. Advocacy & Agency: Sessions in this arc highlight successful advocacy mechanisms and campaigns that educate and inform organizational and community advocacy planning while identifying how to navigate systems of power. Agency also refers to each individual's and organization's capacity and ability to step into their role as breastfeeding advocates and influencers.
  2. Continuity of Care: Sessions in this arc explore how to ensure breastfeeding families do not "fall through the cracks" during transitions in care, such as moving from hospital to home or returning to work or school environments, and identify best practices to ensure every family gets the education and support they need to meet their personal breastfeeding goals.
  3. Policy, Systems, & Environmental Changes: Sessions in this arc focus on transformative systems that support the diverse needs of breastfeeding families. This includes approaches that seek to go beyond programming and into the development of systems that create structures in everyday life that make healthy choices practical and available to all community members.

        We look forward to highlighting how endeavors across areas of the Surgeon General's Call to Action and beyond are advancing health equity.

        The Call for Proposals Guidelines has all the relevant details for your NBCC presentation as a breakout panel presentation, table discussion, and/or poster presentation. To make the application process smooth and easy, view the submission process tutorial prior to starting your application. Before you get started, review the PDF version of the submission form here.