2016 Legacy Awardee: Kim Bugg

At the Sixth National Breastfeeding Coalitions Conference, Kim Bugg was celebrated as a recipient of the 2016 USBC Legacy Award. Her close colleague, Mary Nicholson Jackson, shared her reflections on Kim's legacy in the breastfeeding field. Below are remarks made at the awards ceremony while presenting this award.

Kim Bugg began in the breastfeeding field after having her first set of twins. After struggling to breastfeed her first children, she decided that as a nurse, she wanted to learn more about breastfeeding to avoid that experience again. Her dedication to the field began gradually. A position involving breastfeeding opened in the hospital she worked in, she took the position, and the rest is history.

Her most exciting accomplishment in the field was the co-founding of ROSE: Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere, an organization that is widespread and deep-seated. Her dedication to the field can be seen in every aspect of their work: from summits, to breastfeeding clubs, to workshops. Childhood friend and co-founder of ROSE, Mary Jackson, called Kim a “humble servant,” who does her work in the breastfeeding field with families’ needs as her center. Her enthusiasm and hard work to include everyone at the table has made her an invaluable resource when we all need a little jolt to remind us why we do what we do.

Her legacy is one of collaboration. Kim builds networks with health care providers, churches, and communities. She believes (and so do we) that her legacy is also the young women that she mentors, many of whom are here with us, who will pay it forward in their families and communities, so that breastfeeding will be normalized in the African-American community.

Her collaborative power and willingness to help everyone around her grow, to “know better and do better,” has significantly contributed to the changes at the USBC, and our strides to be a welcoming and more inclusive organization. As Kim likes to say, “being at the table changes the conversation.” The leadership of the USBC thanks Kim for being at the table, breaking bread with us, and having a rich and transformative conversation that now includes many people and communities around the country.

Kim, we are honored to recognize your legacy of dedication to the breastfeeding field, and we are delighted to celebrate you today.

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