Call for Presentation Proposals

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Breastfeeding coalitions, individuals, and other organizations are invited to submit presentation proposals for the Sixth National Breastfeeding Coalitions Conference.

Deadline & Procedures

Submission deadlines: 

  • To be considered for breakout panel sessions: submissions closed Wednesday, April 6
  • To be considered for breakfast table topics and/or posters: submissions closed Monday, May 2

The United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) will convene the Sixth National Breastfeeding Coalitions Conference from August 5-7, 2016, in Arlington, VA. The 2016 theme is A New Day: Community Engagement for Equity in the First Food Movement. Conference organizers will illustrate this theme through presentations—breakout panel sessions, breakfast table topics, and posters—that advance the following Conference Objectives:

  1. Develop leaders with knowledge and skills in coalition building and the formation and management of public health collaborations and partnerships, to address state/local contexts and build the necessary infrastructure for success, including:
    • Refine the skills of experienced coalition leaders and develop the skills of new (or emerging) coalition leaders;
    • Emphasize innovative partnerships and cross-sector collaborations, guided by the framework and five conditions of Collective Impact; and
    • Provide a community platform for intentional practice, including collective seeing, learning, and doing, to maximize effectiveness.
  2. Augment the virtual Learning Collaborative by providing an in-person forum for the sharing and exploration of best practices and lessons learned to enhance impact of coalitions' work to implement the strategies of The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding, as a critical bridge between the grassroots (families) and treetops (national stakeholders) via engagement with USBC-affiliated Constellations.
  3. Build coalition capacity and commitment to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion* in breastfeeding support, including skills to apply both an "equity lens" to inform and guide external strategies and activities, and an "equity mirror" to examine internal structures, culture, and policies.
  4. Expand coalition awareness of opportunities to strategically apply national policy developments to the state/local level by building and strengthening working relationships with health departments and other state- or community-level organizations, in order to encourage integration of breastfeeding into other areas of the public health agenda.

Each of these is an essential step in building the capacity of coalitions to successfully increase the incidence, duration, and exclusivity of breastfeeding, thus helping to achieve the Healthy People 2020 national breastfeeding objectives.

*Our definition of diversity includes diversity by position, gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, family status, gender identity, formal education, life experience, religion, communication styles, geographic location, and work-related skill sets and experience. [Reference: USBC Diversity Values Statement]

Presentation Topic Categories:

The submission of proposals is encouraged within the following topic categories: please select one primary category for each proposal. Numbers 1-4 represent major areas of the ”Call to Action.” Numbers 5-8 represent backbone functions/infrastructure needed to impact 1-4.

  1. Families & Communities (e.g., work on Actions 1-6 of SGCTA)
  2. Health Care (e.g., work on Actions 7-12 of SGCTA)
  3. Employment (e.g., work on Actions 13-16 of SGCTA)
  4. Research & Surveillance (e.g., work on Actions 17-19 of SGCTA)
  5. Policy & Advocacy (e.g., activities to articulate and advance agenda)
  6. Public Will & Funding (e.g., activities to build support to prioritize breastfeeding)
  7. Convening (e.g., activities to engage stakeholders, guide strategy, and establish shared measurements to support aligned activities)
  8. Communications & Networking (e.g., activities to serve as hub/connector)
  9. Coalition Capacity Building (e.g., activities to ensure strong governance/leadership, membership, operations)

Additional Guidance:

  • Proposals from individuals and from organizations that are not breastfeeding coalitions will be considered, but submissions from breastfeeding coalitions are preferred. This includes state/territorial/tribal coalitions, as well as local/community and cultural coalitions.
  • Submissions are encouraged to focus on practical application of specific best practices in (or lessons learned from) coalition development and capacity building, especially those that demonstrate innovative partnerships and/or cross-sector collaborations.
  • With the conference’s commitment to racial equity in breastfeeding support, submissions are encouraged to highlight how they have applied an "equity lens" to inform and guide external strategies and activities and/or an "equity mirror" to examine internal structures, culture, and policies.
  • To that end, submissions are encouraged to include case studies, sample documents, templates, and tools that can be easily shared with and adapted by other breastfeeding coalitions. Please highlight these in the proposal description. The conference encourages active peer learning of participants by “stealing shamelessly and sharing seamlessly.”

Prior to beginning the online submission process, please compile the following:

  • Session title (limited to 255 characters)
  • Name of coalition (or organization) presenting
  • Full name, credentials, e-mail address, and phone number for each presenter
  • Brief narrative bio for each presenter, to be used in session introduction (250 words or less)
  • Presentation format request: breakout panel session, breakfast table topic, poster (you may select any or all of these for consideration—your preference is not guaranteed)
  • Presentation topic category (choose the one that best fits your proposal)
  • Detailed proposal description (limited to 3500 characters)
  • Learning Objectives: at least one measurable learning objective, written from the perspective of what the learner will be able to do after your presentation, addressing one or more of the conference objectives
  • Equity Focus: "How has this work applied an "equity lens" to inform and guide external strategies and activities and/or an "equity mirror" to examine internal structures, culture, and policies?" (optional)
  • Brief session description for promotion in program (limited to 1200 characters)
  • Additional audiovisual requests (subject to budgetary approval)

Presentation Formats:

Submissions may request any or all of these for consideration—your preference is not guaranteed. As only a limited number of proposals can be scheduled for breakout panel sessions, other highly rated proposals may be invited as breakfast table topics or posters.

Breakout panel sessions will be 75-90 minutes in length. Related proposals will be asked to collaborate by combining into one session, so each submission selected should anticipate 15-20 minutes to present. USBC staff will facilitate pre-conference connections between presenters on the same panel and support panelists to design their presentations in a highly interactive format to foster bi-directional communication and network building among panelists and with the audience. Your flexibility is appreciated to ensure the conference is able to maximize learning and sharing opportunities.

  • All listed presenters must be registered and in attendance at the conference.
  • The USBC will post your PowerPoint presentation slides and handouts on the conference website.
  • The USBC will provide the following audiovisual equipment: microphone(s), LCD projector and screen, laptop for PowerPoint presentations, internet connection; additional requests are subject to budgetary approval.

Breakfast table topics will foster discussion among a table of 8-10 attendees over the one-hour breakfast periods on both Saturday, August 6 and Sunday, August 7.

  • All listed presenters must be registered and in attendance at the conference.
  • The USBC will post your handouts on the conference website.
  • Please bring at least 25 copies of handouts with you to distribute to the individuals at your table each day. The printing of breakfast table topic handouts is the responsibility of the presenters.

Posters will be on display all day Saturday, August 6 and Sunday, August 7.

  • At least one of the listed presenters must be registered and in attendance at the conference in order for the poster to be displayed.
  • Maximum poster size is 4’ x 4’. A flat hanging space and hanging supplies will be provided by the USBC.
  • Poster presenter(s) will be responsible for putting up and taking down their posters at the designated times.
  • Posters will be evaluated by a panel of judges and a monetary award will be presented to the highest scoring presentations. Poster judging sessions will be scheduled both Saturday & Sunday mornings, August 7 & 8: poster presenters are expected to stand next to their posters to answer questions during these sessions.

Expectations of Presenters:

  • A high-quality presentation appropriate to the target audience and assigned format.
  • Provision of slides and/or handouts by the due date, for posting on the conference website.
  • All presenters for breakout panel sessions and breakfast table topics are expected to register for the conference. At least one listed presenter must be registered and in attendance at the conference in order for a poster to be displayed.
  • No travel or lodging subsidy or reimbursement will be provided to presenters, except to those separately designated as a Subsided Attendee by their coalition.

Proposal Review Process:

Reviewers are members of the USBC Conference Program Committee, which includes a diverse mix of representatives of national organizations and breastfeeding coalitions. Each proposal will be reviewed by at least four reviewers and the final scores will then be averaged. Scoring of submissions is based on the following criteria:

  • Does it have a well-developed description that maps to one or more presentation topic categories?
  • Does it have one or more clearly-defined, realistic, measurable learning objective(s)?
  • Does it address one or more conference objective(s)?
  • Is it solutions oriented?
  • Will it contain case studies, sample documents, templates, or tools?
  • Does it have an equity focus (not scored)?

You will be notified of the disposition of your proposal on or before Friday, May 13, 2016.

Policies Governing Accepted Proposals:

  • Once a proposal is accepted, you will have the opportunity to make additional edits to the session title, descriptions, and presenter bios, prior to publication in the conference program and on the conference website.
  • The USBC reserves the right to withdraw a presentation at any time.