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How Did Parenting Become Like #TheHungerGames?
Let's Battle the "Booby Traps,®" Not Each Other!

Recent media and social media conversations around breastfeeding—including campaigns launched by formula companies calling to "End the Mommy Wars"—reduce the complexity of parenting in our society to a series of singular, isolated decisions. This thought pattern perpetuates stereotypes that breastfeeding mothers and advocates zealously judge formula feeding mothers. But when we focus only on individual moms' choices and avoid deeper dialogue for fear of perpetuating "wars," this deters honest conversations about why families feel so much pressure around their parenting decisions.

Please join us to reject this oversimplification of the parenting experience and call for a shift in the conversation from portrait mode to landscape mode. Let's take the pressure off of individual moms and instead work together to battle the "Booby Traps"® they face as they navigate the parenting landscape—the barriers that stand in the way of thriving families and communities. Instead of feeling afraid to talk to one another, let's have a real conversation about how our culture devalues mothering and fails to support families, presenting us with parenting "choices" that are merely illusions.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Part 2 movie opened in cinemas on Friday, November 20, featuring a dystopian world in which young adults are randomly selected and forced to compete for the elite's entertainment. Sadly, many families can attest that this is a powerful metaphor for the parenting experience in the United States. Without universal, family-friendly policies like paid family leave, accessible health care, or affordable child care, parents are left on their own on a very uneven playing field.

Families do their best every day with the information and support available to them. Parenting shouldn't feel like The Hunger Games, where only the privileged survive. We believe that every family should have the opportunity to make informed choices and benefit from a "landscape of support" for those choices. Spreading fear of dialogue is not the solution our nation's families need to make this a reality.

#TheHungerGames hashtag is being shared far and wide on social media to celebrate the movie release. Let's join in the conversation at this trending hashtag to spread the message that, while families continue to be failed by our society's lack of support for their health and wellness, moms are working together to demand the policy and systems changes they need and deserve.

Never underestimate the power of a group of committed moms to effect change in policy and our society! Read on below for quick, easy, and meaningful ways YOU can help create these changes.

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Tweet 1 #TheHungerGames have been played too long! Stop pitting moms' parenting decisions against one another for profit #EndMommyWars #ALLMomsRock Tweet now!

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Eliminate #BoobyTraps and value People > Profits. We've got work to do, not "wars" to fight. End #TheHungerGames Tweet now!
Tweet 3 No one wins #TheHungerGames: let's create policies that work for ALL families! #PaidLeave #HealthCare #SWMA #FAMAct Tweet now!
Tweet 4 I stand w/ ALL moms to battle the #BoobyTraps: the odds were never in our favor when companies play #TheHungerGames Tweet now!

USBC Action Tools

  • Breastfeeding at Work: Let's Make it Work! action/education on federal "Break Time for Nursing Mothers" law and Supporting Working Moms Act **TAKE ACTION**
  • Breastfeeding in Health Care Coverage: Mind the Gaps! action/education on the state of breastfeeding coverage in private plans, Medicaid, and TRICARE **TAKE ACTION**
  • Breastfeeding in the Community: Wherever Moms Are! action/education on Friendly Airports for Mothers Act and support in public spaces such as faith communities and sports stadiums **TAKE ACTION**

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