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Coalition Sponsored Attendees

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Each of the breastfeeding coalitions from the 50 states, DC, and U.S. territories (e.g., Puerto Rico), is invited to select two individuals who will receive travel support and a reduced registration rate as a "Coalition Sponsored Attendee." Only the two individuals designated by the state/territorial breastfeeding coalitions shown in the USBC Coalitions Directory are eligible to register in this category.

In deciding which individuals from your coalition will attend, we ask that you carefully consider your selection process, as it is our hope to welcome attendees who span the spectrum of maternal and child health stakeholders, including peer counselors, community volunteers, parents, lactation professionals, and health care providers. We realize that coalitions may choose to send certain individuals in the sponsored vs. non-sponsored categories in order to take greatest advantage of all available funding sources. So please consider these guidelines in light of your state's entire delegation of attendees:

  • It is strongly preferred that each coalition send a mix of veteran/experienced leaders (who may have attended prior conferences) and new or emerging leaders (who have not attended before).
  • It is mandatory that at least ONE of the two Coalition Sponsored Attendees represent a traditionally marginalized community and/or an under-represented racial/ethnic group.

Sponsored Attendees are required to participate in all conference sessions, and have a responsibility to 1) participate actively in the programs, and 2) share the resources and knowledge gained from this participation with their coalition and others throughout their state/territory.

Coalition leadership was asked to identify their two Sponsored Attendees via survey by Sunday March 15. If you are a State or Territorial coalition primary poll contact and did not receive the survey email, please email for assistance.The registration code will be emailed DIRECTLY to the two people identified on the survey, distributed on the following dates.

Sponsored Attendee Policy & Procedure

Sponsored Attendees receive travel support from the USBC, in addition to a discounted registration rate of $275 per person. Only the (2) two individuals designated by the state/territorial breastfeeding coalitions shown in the USBC Coalitions Directory are eligible to register in this category at this rate.

All Sponsored Attendees must stay in the conference hotel and follow this policy and procedure.The deadline for Coalition Sponsored Attendees to register is Tuesday, April 30, 2020, but please remember that in order to register in this category, each person will need a registration code, which will be distributed *only* to the two people identified by their coalition leadership in the March 15 deadline survey.

Travel Support:

  • Within 3 business days of completing online registration, Sponsored Attendees will be sent email instructions to contact the designated USBC travel agent to book their flight (or an Amtrak train, based on travel method selected). All Sponsored Attendee travel reservations must be made through the USBC's travel agent, and the travel agent will automatically charge the flight cost and booking fee to the USBC. Reservations booked by anyone other than the USBC's travel agent will not be subsidized or reimbursed.The deadline to book travel reservations is Friday, May 15, 2020.
  • For those traveling within Arizona or from neighboring states by car or local mass transit, a reimbursement form will be provided after the conference to submit parking/mileage or mass transit expenses. Mileage will be reimbursed at the 2020 IRS rate of 57.5 cents per mile. There is no need to save gasoline receipts. 
  • For those electing to "distance drive" for any reason, please obtain pre-approval. In these cases, mileage reimbursement will be capped at "what a flight would have cost" from your home airport with a flight booked by the deadline.
  • Cancellation Policy: In the event that you need to cancel your participation in the NBCC after your ticket has been purchased by USBC, please immediately contact the Conference Planner at the email address above so she can assist you in managing the cancellation process. Per our policy, the attendee will be responsible for reimbursing the full cost of any travel reservations paid for by the USBC (and the attendee will bank, in their own name, the value of that ticket with the airline for their own future travel. Unfortunately, tickets cannot be transferred to another person, per airline policy).


  • Attendees should book their own hotel reservations at the conference hotel as soon as possible after registering. Coalition sponsored attendees must stay in the conference hotel. Attendees will pay the hotel directly for the full cost of their stay, USBC does not cover this cost. The deadline to make hotel reservations at the conference rate is Monday, May 18.
  • Please review payment and lodging details on the hotel page.
  • To find a roommate, post a note on the event's Facebook page.

What is Included in Sponsored Attendee Support:

  • Sponsored Attendees receive a discounted registration rate of $275 per person.
  • Sponsored Attendees receive travel support (free flight, Amtrak, or mileage reimbursement).

What is Not Included in Sponsored Attendee Support:

  • Main conference registration fee of $275 per person
  • Hotel room costs (sponsored attendees must stay at the conference hotel).
  • Optional add-on registration fees (Continuing Education Credits)
  • Airline baggage fees
  • Any changes in ticketing (airline or Amtrak)
  • Ground transportation to/from home and destination airports
  • Meals in transit to/from the conference
  • Meals not provided by the main conference, i.e., dinners