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Constellation Work Groups

The Constellation Model of Collaborative Social Change comes from the burgeoning field of Collective Impact. It is a complexity-inspired governance framework designed to 'hold' multi-organization partnerships and networks within dynamic systems. A Constellation is an action-focused work team populated by interested member and partner organizations. While the USBC provides infrastructure supports for their convening and facilitates or "stewards" in topic areas where it is funded, the strategies prioritized as Constellations’ common agendas are entirely driven by the collective will of the participant organizations themselves. The USBC Board does not attempt to influence or involve itself in these decisions and actions in any way: the decision-making power remains in the hands of the Constellation participants. Therefore, the Constellations' priority strategies and implementation activities are joint work products of the participant organizations, not the USBC Board of Directors or staff team.

The Constellation Formation Pathway guides the development of Constellations across five stages.

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Active Constellations

Learning Communities (Pre-Pathway)

  • Community-Based Organizations
  • Fathers & Families
  • Formula Marketing
  • Incarcerated Women
  • Infant Sleep Practices
  • Maternity Care Practices
  • Nurse Education & Training
  • Other Health Professional Education & Training

About Constellation Decision-making

When a USBC or steward organization staff member performs actions in service of her steward role with, or the provision of infrastructure supports to, a Constellation (see objectives and explanation of Goal 3 of the USBC Strategic Framework), these activities are not reflective of the position of that individual's employer organization as a whole, nor its board or staff. Rather, these activities are reflective of the collective voice and common agenda of the Constellation's participant organizations, as articulated in its priority strategies and sub-strategy action plans.