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Coalition Spotlight Submission Form


We look forward to shining the spotlight on ways in which you are transforming practices, policies, structures, and systems to improve the landscape of breastfeeding protection, promotion and support. Please share with us your stories of impact in maternity care practices, work place accommodation, workforce development, continuity of care, community engagement and racial, social, and economic equity.

Submissions are encouraged to

  • Highlight practical applications of specific best practices, especially those that demonstrate lessons learned from innovative partnerships and/or cross-sector collaborations.
  • Highlight how an "equity lens" to inform and guide program strategies and activities and/or an "equity mirror" to examine internal coalition/organization structures, culture, and policies, have been applied. For example, what outreach and engagement efforts have you implemented? How have the leadership and membership composition of your coalition changed to reflect the population? How are you creating spaces to listen, share and learn from grassroots and community workers?
  • Showcase how community members were involved in the work of policy & practice change to build a "landscape of breastfeeding support.
  • Share stories about how access to workplace breastfeeding accommodations and health plan breastfeeding coverage has made a difference.

Definition of Equity

In order to clearly define what we mean by equity in the first food field, we have looked to several sources, ultimately combining them into the following definition comprised of three interwoven components: a lens, a mirror, and an outcome.

  • It is a lens through which we view the world to inform and guide the design of our strategies and activities to build a “landscape of breastfeeding support.”
  • It is also a mirror through which we view ourselves and our organizations, examining our internal structures, culture, and policies and their impact on how the lens is applied and the outcome achieved.
  • Lastly it is the outcome we seek to achieve, i.e., equity is realized when life outcomes are equal, in a statistical sense, regardless of one’s identities.

Equity work can take the form of actions designed to address historic burdens as well as to remove present day barriers to equal opportunities. It can be accomplished by identifying and eliminating systemic discriminatory policies and practices, but also by transforming structures towards access, justice, self-determination, redistribution, and sharing of power and resources. Above all, it requires an inclusive approach that maximizes engagement of the communities impacted.

Definition of Community Engagement

As we work together to move the needle on breastfeeding support, protection and promotion, there is an urgent need for authentic “community engagement.” Since this concept can also generate many varied perceptions without a common definition of the term, the USBC has defined Community Engagement in reference to how we engage community members directly in the work of policy & practice change to build a "landscape of breastfeeding support." See the Spectrum of Community Engagement.


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