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Breastfeeding: A Vision for the Future

Please sign on below to add your support to Breastfeeding: A Vision for the Future. Based on evidence, the Vision highlights the many facets of breastfeeding support needed to ensure that all women are able to reach their breastfeeding goals. We know that a woman’s ability to breastfeed is constrained by a range of social, environmental, and institutional obstacles. Far from being a matter of choice, breastfeeding is simply not accessible for many mothers and families. Add your voice below to demand action from all sectors of U.S. society!

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The Vision is aimed to increase awareness of the importance of breastfeeding and these nine crucial objectives that must be met in order to fully address the barriers faced by mothers:

  1. Meet and exceed the Healthy People objectives to increase the proportion of mothers who breastfeed.
  2. Implement maternity care practices that foster normal birth and breastfeeding in every facility that cares for childbearing women.
  3. Ensure that health care providers provide evidence-based, culturally competent birth and breastfeeding care.
  4. Create and foster work environments that support breastfeeding mothers.
  5. Ensure that all federal, state, and local laws relating to child welfare and family law recognize the importance of breastfeeding and support its practice.
  6. Implement curricula that teach students of all ages that breastfeeding is the normal and preferred method of feeding infants and young children.
  7. Reduce the barriers to breastfeeding imposed by the marketing of human milk substitutes.
  8. Protect a woman’s right to breastfeed in public.
  9. Encourage greater social support for breastfeeding as a vital public health strategy.