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What are creative solutions for break time and space?

Employers and employees in every industry have found creative solutions to make breastfeeding possible. Supporting Nursing Moms at Work: Employer Solutions is a free online resource from the Office on Women's Health that provides businesses with cost-effective tips and solutions for any industry setting. Search by industry or solutions to find options that will work for you.

Space Solution Examples:

  • Unused areas like a storage closet, empty office, or meeting room
  • Manager's office
  • Area that can be partitioned or blocked by a curtain
  • Company or personal vehicle with window coverings
  • Pop-up tents or temporary walls
  • Working from home (if possible)

Break Time Solution Examples:

  • Pumping during existing authorized breaks
  • Coming in early or staying late to make up for lost time
  • "Floating" staff to cover during pumping and other breaks (lunch, bathroom, smoking)
  • Bringing a laptop or phone to the pumping space to continue working while pumping (if this works for you)
  • Returning to work part-time (if possible)

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